30 Minute Art Challenge

Today’s Euro is…naked and/or hairless ponies! Are they butt-naked, or just totally shaved? Or maybe both! You can decide!

You have 30 minutes! Have fun!

1 hour reminder!

Euro challenge is in an hour!

Only two entries tonight…. but Lady Deadpool?!! And female Nova?! AWESOME

Thanks to all who participated!

Tune in next time for the Next Asian Challenge!

Submission box is closed

Thanks to all who participated!

Submission box is open

Get your entries in!

A while back on the Asian challenge, we did an X-men theme. With the upcoming release of Guardians of the Galaxy we would like to return to Marvel Comics, but this time, with a more general approach:

Draw a Marvel Comics character! Aside from the more popular and well-known Marvel character, we have included, for reference, Thanos, Adam Warlock, Apocalypse, Ms. Marvel, Nova, the Sentry, and of course,  the Guardians of the Galaxy, as alternate examples!

You have 30 minutes to draw with 15 minutes to submit. Good luck!

Asian challenge in 45 minutes

Get ready!

Nonpony challenge in 4 hours time

Get ready!

Nice to see some unknown faces, there’s so many unappreciated ponies.

Submit Box Closed

Art coming soon! Thanks for participating.