30 Minute Art Challenge
Submission Box Is Open!

Get your goo turned in! If it doesn’t slip away from you that is!

You’ve got about 15 minutes!

Today’s challenge is.. a goo pony! Can be made of whatever as long as it’s alive and… goo-y and pony-y!

I might recommend something fitting the holiday however!

You’ve got 30 minutes to create followed by 15 minutes to submit! Have fun!


Post is all set to fly your way guys, based on the notes and anon chatter in my inbox I’d wager enough of you are interested to warrant it!

You would think with a four hour alert in advanced you would have had a challenge thought up...

Well, it usually has very little to do with the idea and more a technical or human error or fault of some kind.

We’re just like everyone else only with a computer probably worse than yours.

If you want to criticize my ability to come up with challenges though, you go ahead and come up with about 500 challenges. Challenges we haven’t done yet for a good 450 of them. With I dunno, let’s throw a really rough figure out and say 1,500 challenges done total on the blog. While trying to not use anything too similar to other challenges in the past day or two, down to the characters (unless an episode centered around that character just aired).

Even if i should happen to get stuck, it only seems natural once in a while, doesn’t it?

tick tock, is there european challengue today?

Sorry about that folks!

If you’d all like I can whip something up for the top of the next hour

Again, my apolgoies: :( i you want something, artists, leave comments on this message.

What would you define as "not safe for tumblr"?

Anything that someone might have a semi-legitimate reason to report the tumblr for posting essentially.


Do you upload every piece of art submitted or only select pictures?

Everything that is safe to post on Tumblr. If it isn’t tumblr safe we try to put it up elsewhere. Still don’t have a solid place for that though.

Four Hour Reminder!

See ya in four for the next challenge!

Now to wait for the paint to dry on that lovely pair!

… not sure i’ll east any eggs Discord gives me though XD

Great turn out everyone, glad to see you were all up for a zany Easter! Hope you enjoy your holiday tomorrow if ya celebrate it! Otherwise enjoy the soon to be cheap candy!

Flootershae: Oh… my. It’s um, festive?

That sums it up pretty well, eh? XD

If the second submitter can send us a more zoomed in version or one with larger text I’m sure everyone would appreciate it ^^” I know i would… I can’t read it at all!

EDIT: discord was saying “come take a picture with the Easter bunny” and in the corner scootaloo, SB apple bloom are running away saying “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!” to quote the author of that submission!