30 Minute Art Challenge
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Art’s coming up shortly!

Sub box is open!

15 minutes to get everything done and submitted!

Today’s Euro challenge is…new jobs! Somepony lost their job, now they need to find a new one! Maybe Applejack could be a good construction pony? Or Fluttershy a receptionist. Twilight might be a good fast food worker…if she doesn’t eat all the fries first.

You have 30 minutes to draw then 15 to submit! Have fun and get creative!

1 hour reminder!

Euro challenge starts in an hour!

Tonight’s ponies are all looking fabulous with their new gorgeous new manes! Looking good ladies!

Thanks to everyone who joined us tonight for the Asian challenge!

Sumbmission Box Closed

Let’s take a look at these fabulous new manes!

Submission Box Open!

15 minutes left to submit!

Tonight’s Asian Challenge theme is haircuts!

Give anypony from the show a new ‘do! Pigtails or pompadour? Mullets or mohawks? Bowl cuts or beehives?

You’ve got 30 minutes to draw and 15 to submit. Good luck!

1 Hour Reminder

Asian Challenge coming up!

if someone bribed you, would you accept their challenge idea