30 Minute Art Challenge
Try not to compare yourself with other artists. We were all shitty at drawing at one point. Picking up that pencil and putting ideas to paper is the most important thing. Self-motivation and passion comes before everything, you can only improve.

Dat delicious golden o3o

A lovely trio of fabulous Macs!

Did you know fancy people eat apple with cheese? Brie I believe.

Also, how did Mac get so fancy? A million bucks. BA DUM TSH!

Anywho, we hope to see you all again tomorrow for more challenges! G’bye for now!

Submission Box Is Closed!

What could be fancier than Mac?

Mac and Cheese.

Yeah that was terrible. But anyway, art on the way.

Submission Box Is Open!

"Mm, indeed." says the fancy Big Mac.

You’ve got 15 minutes to submit!

Ah yes, it’s time to fancify the country boy!

Today’s challenge is to make a Fancy Big Mac!

Who knows why! Did Rarity get to him? Maybe he went to Manehattan instead of AJ and dug it? Could be anything!

Why and how he’s fancy are up to you!

You’ve got 45 minutes to create followed by 15 minutes to submit! Have fun!

One Hour Reminder!

See you in an hour for the next challenge!

We got SFW, implied-NSFW, and borderline NSFW! Snuggles for everyone! Except Twilight and Applejack :I They don’t get snuggles.

That’s all for today’s Euro! Hope you join us for the American later!

Sub box is closed!

Time to see the cuddles!

Sub box is open!

Snuggly ponies are best ponies! 15 minutes to show us yours!

Today’s Euro challenge is a cute one! Draw some super snuggly ponies all cuddly and snug!

You have only 30 minutes for this one! Good luck!