30 Minute Art Challenge
I would but my scanner's down.. I'm really upset that nobody else sent in Monty Python Pony stuff though! ;A;

It seems the Monty Python challenge getting no submissions was, sadly, a series of unfortunate events.

At least two other people either missed it or were unable for some reason.

Given that, I may slip it back out there sometime in the near future.

But to keep it a timed challenge we can’t have people knowing when or even if it will indeed come back around!

That’s also why you gotta keep an eye on us folks! You never know when we’ll toss one at you that you’ll wanna do! Skip a day of challenge checking and you might regret it!



Yup, not even one entry. Dreadfully disappointing really.


Anyway, 15 minutes to submit!

Today’s European Challenge is… Monty Python + Ponies!

Have your favorite ponies do something Monty Python-ish, can be a gag directly from Monty Python or something you just feel is appropriate.

If you don’t have anything just make it a chase and pretend there’s Yackety Sax playing (even though that’s Benny Hill) maybe? XD

You’ve got 30 minutes to create followed by 15 minutes to submit! Have fun!

One Hour Reminder!

See you in an hour for the next challenge!

Four Hour Reminder!

See you in four hours for the next challenge!

We got us a pair of ponies here and I’m not sure either should have a helicopter!

That’s all for tonight! But great stuff peeps! We hope to see you tomorrow for more challenges!

Submission Box Is Closed!

See you shortly with the art!

It had to be done.

See you in 15! Submit dat art!

Tonight’s American Challenge is… helicoptering with ponies!

Pick any pony you want and draw them trying to fly a helicopter. Or make a pony specializing in helicopters somehow. Or maybe even draw what one might see from a helicopter! Something saucy? Something serene? You decide!

You’ve got 45 minutes to create followed by 15 minutes to submit! have fun!