30 Minute Art Challenge

Scary wolves and even a cute little Flutter wolf, thank you all for participating!

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Let’s see what we got!

(Mod is out right now so getting submissions up may take a little longer than normal.)

Sub box is open!

And the full moon is out! Arooooo!

Today’s Euro challenge is…wereponies! We know there are such things as bat ponies (just look at Luna’s guards and Flutterbat), but I wonder if there are ponies afflicted by something similar to werewolf-ism? Draw somepony as part pony, part wolf!

You have 30 minutes!

50 minute reminder!

A bit late, but the Euro challenge is coming in just 50 minutes!

We got three silly upside down ponies and one upside down backward pony made of nightmares… Brilliant!

Amazing as always, guys! Thanks for participating and we’ll see you again for the Euro coming up!

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Ponies on the way!

Submission Box Is Open

You’ve got 15 minutes to submit!

Tonight’s Asian theme is… upside down ponies!

Draw any pony upside down! Context is up to you!

You’ve got 30 minutes to draw and 15 to submit. Good luck!

1 Hour Reminder

Asian Challenge is on the way!